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About the Atikokan Family Health Team

Family Health Teams allow Primary Care Providers and other allied health providers to work as a team to focus on keeping patients healthy. The vision calls for physicians, nurse practitioners and other members of the team to practice together in a positive working environment, sharing and benefiting from the complementary knowledge and skills of their colleagues.

The Atikokan Family Health Team includes: Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Dietitian, Mental Health Worker, Pharmacist and Administration.

We work in collaboration with other health care agencies including, but not limited to; Atikokan General Hospital, Atikokan Medical Clinic, to provide you with increased access to health care, so that you see the right health professional for the right reason at the right time. If you require mental health counselling, you might speak with our Mental Health Worker; for dietary concerns, our Dietitian would provide you with information and assessments. For medication support and education you may want to speak with our Pharmacist. Nursing staff, who support our Primary Care Providers and lead nursing programs and services, also provide medical care and attention to you and your family, as well as referrals within the community.

By working together as a team of health care providers, you receive enhanced and expanded health care to meet your unique needs. You may require primary health care, management of a chronic disease, or you may require help navigating the complicated and complex health care system. Our health team will look at risk factors and offer appropriate screening along with follow-up. We provide you with education and tools to learn about how to take care of your own health.


What are Nurse Practitioners
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