INR Program

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Also known as the INR program, the Anticoagulation Program is for patients who are on long-term anticoagulation (taking Warfarin). This program is managed by our INR program specialist.  She monitors patient’s INR’s, which is a blood test that measures whether a patient’s blood is thick or thin.  Patients can either go to the lab to have their blood drawn for the test or it can be checked with a “Coagucheck” monitor, which allows the patient to be tested with a drop of blood from the tip of their finger (much like testing for blood sugars).  This is called “point of care” testing or POC.  Now patients have a choice as to how they get their blood results for their INR.  The nurse will either call them with their lab results and (using a medical directive) give them their new dosage instructions to follow until their next test or she gives them new orders directly following the POC test.  The INR specialist also provides counselling around proper nutrition, lifestyle concerns and any medication side effects which may be occurring. The program is run in collaboration with the physicians, Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Pharmacist in order to provide continued care to these patients.

Ashley McEvoy

Registered Practical Nurse – INR Program

INR Program
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