A multidisciplinary smoking cessation program for patients to manage their own health by providing self-management supports and strategies. The smoking cessation program at the Atikokan Family Health Team has two trained counsellors that can help you. Kristin St. Pierre RN, will assess the patient’s smoking habits and health profile to determine the appropriate treatment, which may include nicotine replacement–patches, lozenges, gum and inhalers, as well as information and counselling support. Patients will qualify for up to 6 months of free nicotine replacement therapy.

The Family Health Team also assists patients released from hospital to remain smoke-free on discharge. To discuss your options or to obtain more information on smoking cessation, please call 597-8781 ext 0 to make an appointment with one of our trained Cessation Counsellors at the Atikokokan Family Health Team.

Kristin St. Pierre

Registered Nurse – Breast Start Program