A program developed to educate patients regarding the medications they are prescribed and how to take them properly. Patients are asked to bring in all of the old and new prescription medications in their home. The medications that are not required or expired will be disposed of in the proper manner. The appointments are booked for 1 hour with the Pharmacist at the Atikokan Family Health Team – the Pharmacist will be providing the consultation mainly over the Ontario Telemedicine Network-Personal Videoconferencing and sometimes in person. A nurse will review your medications at the beginning of the appointment with the Pharmacist and then the pharmacist will discuss all of your medications with you and help you understand their side-effects, interactions etc.

Clinical Pharmacists are able to see people with a broad range of medication issues. Patients are also welcome to make an appointment with the Pharmacist to discuss more in-depth any questions regarding medication interactions and side effects, over-the-counter medications, and herbal or natural remedies. The Pharmacist is available for appointments every Wednesday.

To book an appointment, please call the Atikokan Family Health Team at 597-8781.

Glenys Vanstone

Glenys Vanstone

Clinical Pharmacist

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